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Welcome to SmileyTalk

SmileyTalk is the first global language and learning social networking tool for children.
Here you can chat with others all over the world regardless of what language they speak! SmileyTalk is totally safe and secure, and there's no need to use the keyboard making it simple, fun and educational!

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Why use SmileyTalk at Home?

Suitable for any Age and Ability

All ages and abilities can chat to other members around the world while improving their basic ICT and literacy skills. No keyboard required.

Totally Safe and Secure

Pre-defined questions and answers ensure that this site is totally safe, meaning that you can let your little ones have fun without the need to be looking over their shoulder.

Learn Languages & Cultural Awareness

Learn languages and cultural awareness in a fun and easy way through real-time chatting to members in other countries.

Make Friends Easily

A safe and secure alternative to online networking for younger children. Chat and make friends safely from all over the world with no language barriers.

Lots of Fun for Everyone

Have fun with online games, wacky facts, jokes and weekly little HORRORscopes in our Funzone.

Online Scrapbooking Fun

Use your online scrapbook to get to know your new friends. All images added to the scrapbooks are approved by a CRB checked moderator before going online.

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See how SmileyTalk works...

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Why SmileyTalk is great fun for kids...

Make friends worldwide
Jokes, wacky facts and HORRORscopes
Create your own profile and WeeMee
Create your own scrapbook
Play games
Help us raise money for your school
or help us rebuild schools in Africa

Why SmileyTalk is a parents' favourite...

Extremely Educational
Totally Safe and Secure
Helps reading, language and IT skills
An introduction to to new cultures and languages
Keeps children amused for hours
Only £9.99 per year to use at home


Award winning software:



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