Cash for Schools

With over 20 years of fundraising experience and expertise we are now providing an easy formula for schools to raise substantial funds, yet at the same time provide educational fun for their children.

In 2012 we estimate to sell thousands of our SmileyTalk@Home versions to enable children to contact other members globally. From each purchase in your area £1 will go to one of our registered schools. Please ensure you're one of them. Please visit our education site

To become a potential beneficiary from thousands of SmileyTalk@Home packages bought by parents in your area all we ask is that you...

  • Help us distribute leaflets to your parents once a year
  • Advertise us in your newsletter or on your website
  • Indicate to our Compliance Manager where the money will be spent
  • Allow us to do a cheque presentation

The cost of registration is only £99+VAT and we will be happy to give you a start up version of SmileyTalk@School FREE so that 35 pupils at your school can start chatting worldwide and use a small selection of languages available on the full version.

What to do now...

Please visit go to JOIN NOW and purchase the Cash for Schools package. As soon as payment is received we will register you on our joining section and you can start expecting regular payments from our fundraising team. You will receive a paid invoice by return and someone will contact you shortly to ask how many leaflets you require.

For further information, to arrange a free demonstration or trial, please visit contact page